Welcome to SmartDoh

Welcome to SmartDoh

Once you’ve gone Smart, You’ll never go back!

A super‐squidgy, fun, therapeutic dough that teaches children through play and helps to unleash their inner creativity and imagination. Watch them mould, pummel and knead the soft, silky dough into a variety of different masterpieces, while working their little hand muscles to improve their fine motor skills, coordination and concentrating ability. Bright colours will help focus their energies, while also providing stimulating benefits.


Unlike traditional dough recipes, Smart Doh uses ingredients that are natural, vegan and non‐toxic. There are no nasty chemicals, like borax, kerosene or artificial preservatives. In their place is 100% pure coconut oil, which transfers to the hands during play to moisturise and condition the skin. This makes for a dough that feels amazing, and will make playtime just as enjoyable for adults.

Children that enjoy a Smart Doh session learn life‐skills such as patience, extended focus, an active imagination and the ability to see through a project.

When used as an educational tool, Smart Doh can help to improve fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, social skills, mathematical knowledge, and, when colours are mixed together, it can even help explain some of the scientific principles behind primary and secondary colours. With three different varieties of Smart Doh available, including Smart Doh Original, Sparkle Smart Doh, and Aroma Smart Doh, this seemingly ordinary product can change the lives of those with learning or emotional difficulties. Made with the theories of Play Therapy, Colour Therapy and Aroma Therapy firmly in our minds, Smart Doh is calming and soothing to children and adults who are stressed, panicky or emotional. It is also extremely beneficial to those children who have limited muscle strength in their hands, struggle with using both hands, have tactile processing issues or struggle to say focused on a task.

Smart Doh Original comes in a variety of colours, each with their own sensory benefit that can help tackle difficult behaviour. The different colours of Aroma Smart Doh are enriched with different natural essential oils, which take the experience to a new level, and again, provide unique therapeutic properties.

This eco‐friendly dough is freshly made to order and therefore lasts much longer than any traditional recipe, so your child will gain extra hours of fun with Smart Doh. Suitable for ages 3 and up, Smart Doh fully complies with EN71 Safety Legislation.

Take your child on a journey of discovery, creativity and imagination with Smart Doh