Smart Travel

Smart Doh for Travelling


Holiday Fun with Smart Doh

The essential travelling companion on both long and short‐haul journeys, Smart Doh will keep your child entertained when they have no option but to sit still. When you can’t bear to hear “Are we there yet?” any more, Smart Doh will make the time pass quickly for the children, as they become engrossed in kneading, moulding and squeezing the dough.

If you have a nervous traveller, or a child or adult that suffers from travel sickness, Aroma Smart Doh in “Alert” can help to calm them. It is made with soothing peppermint essential oil that helps to settle the stomach and calm the nerves. Or perhaps you would prefer to use “Calm”, which is infused with lavender oil to soothe and alleviate the worry. Any of the Aroma Dohs will help to raise the spirits, or you could even just pop a tub of Smart Doh Original in your travel bag, as the action of using your whole hand to squeeze and squash the Doh will help relieve stress.

Whether you are travelling by plane, train, car or boat, Smart Doh will amuse the children for hours. And when you arrive at your destination, it can entertain them in hotel rooms, restaurants, and airports if required. Just remember to place it back in the tub, and replace the lid after use to ensure it is still good to play with for the journey home!