Smart Doh for Schools, Nurseries and Playgroups

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Smart Doh in the Classroom

An easily recognisable substance, Smart Doh is sure to get your students excited about learning. Fuel their imaginations by encouraging them to get creative with their Doh. It is particularly good for those children who find it hard to sit still, since it will help to develop their patience and ability to focus on the task at hand. When a child is stressed, it offers a non‐destructive way to channel their energies, turning frustration into imagination.

In younger children, Smart Doh helps to improve fine motor skills, making the transition to holding a pen or pencil remarkably easy. In older children it can be used in a scientific context teaching about primary and secondary colours. The possibilities for educational use are endless.

We deliver classroom packs of our Original Smart Doh directly to your school or playgroup. The Doh is freshly made up with parent and teacher approved food‐grade materials, and easy to store, lasting much longer than the traditional chemical variety

Smart Doh for teachers

We use only 100% child safe, natural ingredients. Our kid‐tested formulas are whipped up fresh and delivered directly to your school or child‐care centre.

Only the safest, natural, parent and teacher approved ingredients are used for your little ones to enjoy hours of creative play! All of our products contain 100% natural coconut oil.

Smart Doh is made in the Midlands in the UK. We pride ourselves on being a British handmade product, and enjoy supplying to our local homes and businesses. We are looking forward to becoming one of the main suppliers of chemical free play dough, supporting schools, nurseries, play groups, day care centres, and special needs centres in the UK.

Smart Doh is fun for investigation and exploration, as well as building strength in all the tiny hand muscles and tendons, making kids ready for pencil and scissor control later on. It helps promote hand function, hand‐eye coordination, letter and number formation, counting and maths games. If they can imagine it, they can make it!

Smart Doh is a must have activity toy at playtime for pre‐schoolers and young children (age 3+). A selection of silky smooth, brightly coloured dough, each enriched with a unique blend of natural ingredients, it will be the most popular activity for little ones. Get the children to mix colours to make new ones.

The following activities also have various benefits:

  • Get the children rolling large and medium balls: use both hands to develop bilateral coordination
  • Rolling sausages: again, good for bilateral coordination if you use both hands. Smart Doh activity for fine motor skills
  • Pinch Pots: Insert your thumb into the center of a ball, and use the index and middle fingers to pinch the outside of the pot. This is a great fine motor activity. It is also good for getting the two hands to work together in a coordinated way – one supports and one does the delicate work.

Let your imagination run wild, depending on your theme for the day and the child’s imagination! Smart Doh feels wonderful: silky, squishy and deliciously squidgy.

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Play sessions – The Smart Doh Sensory Play Experience

The best way to learn is to have fun! These play sessions are designed to engage young people to have fun through involvement in a multi-sensory, entertaining and educational experience of Aroma Smart Doh in a fun, safe environment.