Smart Doh Benefits

For Promoting Scientific Learning

Each Smart Doh tub displays six icons which symbolise the different aspects of play. These include:

imaginationImagination: Playing with Smart Doh is fun, and it encourages children to come up with new ideas to mould and shape the dough into. They really have to work their imagination muscles, and you may be surprised at what they come up with. Help them roll the dough into little snakes, or press them into cookies. Then let their imagination take over, and help them make up little stories about the things they have made.

creativityCreativity: Turning the Smart Doh into something completely different is about as creative as it gets! Why not challenge your children to make something simple, like a car or a person; chances are that no two items will look the same, as every child will have their own way of making things.

fine-motor-skillsFine Motor Skills: Playing with Smart Doh means using little fingers to squeeze, pull, roll, poke, pound, and pinch. This strengthens the muscles in the hand, improving your child’s fine motor skills and setting them up nicely for writing, doing up buttons, holding a knife and cutting with scissors.

hand-eye-coordination-iconHand‐Eye Coordination: Hiding objects in the Doh, such as buttons, pebbles or shells, and asking your child to find them, encourages hand‐eye coordination. This is not a good game for those children who still like to put everything in their mouth, but older children can really benefit from this, as it helps them to gain greater control over their arm and hand muscles.

first-skill-iconFirst Skills: Sharing Smart Doh with Mum, Dad, or other children, helps to stimulate social skills that will be invaluable later in life. It encourages speech, as you talk with your child about they have made, and it helps children learn to sit still and focus on the task at hand.

family-learning-iconFamily Learning: Give your child a head start in their maths lessons by using Smart Doh to introduce them to counting. Dividing the Doh up into different pieces is fun, and you can then encourage your child to count them along with you. Or teach them about primary and secondary colours by mixing the Doh together.


Smart Doh Benefits

Smart doh offers rich opportunities for promoting scientific learning

The benefits of playing with Smart Doh are:

  • Enhanced hand‐eye coordination
  • Increased social interaction
  • It promotes creativity
  • It encourages the use of imagination
  • It develops mathematical knowledge

Smart Doh is an excellent alternative to chemical playdough, providing many educational as well as developmental benefits. Smart Doh encourages patience and extended focus, promotes stress relief and creativity while developing fine motor skills and hand‐eye coordination. Exercise your child’s imagination and the stimulation of actually creating something. Smart Doh encourages open‐minded, creative play and learning for kids.

SUPER soft, silky smooth, and natural, Smart Doh feels excellent in your hands. It contains 100% pure coconut oil that is absorbed through the skin and moisturizes whilst being handled. It’s an exciting addition to your kiddies’ playtime. Not only fun and colourful, it is a high‐quality mouldable dough that is 100% non‐toxic, lasts months longer than the store bought variety and is eco‐friendly too. With Smart Doh, children can get creative moulding, pounding, kneading and using their imagination. Smart Doh helps promote hand function, letter and number formation, counting and maths games. If they can imagine it, they can make it! Be Smart!

Other uses:

  • Smart Doh can also be used by adults looking to de‐stress, or for occupational therapy by carrying out playdough exercises such as ‘squeezing and oozing.’ Place a ball of Smart Doh in the palm of your hand and squeeze as hard as possible. Make the playdough ooze out between your fingers.
  • Poking objects and pulling them out of Smart Doh strengthens hand muscles and coordination.
  • It can be kneaded, punched, squished, squeezed, rolled, flattened, chopped, cut, scored, punctured and poked! Each one of these different actions aids fine motor development in a different way, not to mention hand‐eye co‐ordination and general concentration.
  • Relaxation – The simple act of playing with Smart Doh, squishing and rolling it can be very enjoyable for both children and adults. This can help them to relax, focus their attention and relieve stress.
  • Smart Doh is educational. It teaches children to mix colours, makes figures and shapes.
  • Smart Doh encourages patience and extended focus, promotes stress relief and creativity while developing fine motor skills and hand‐eye co‐ordination. It also aids in learning colours, shapes, letters, and numbers. Now that’s what I call a ‘Smart​Do​h​’!!