Play Therapy

Play Therapy with Smart Doh


Children that are often stressed and angry need a positive outlet to channel their negative feelings. The simple action of pounding or kneading the Doh has a very soothing effect that can calm a child (or adult) in no time at all. The reassuring feel of the Doh also help to pacify unwanted emotions.

Play Therapy uses PLAY as a way to communicate, increase understanding, and resolve issues. Through the use of play, and arts and crafts techniques, chronic, mild and moderate psychological and emotional conditions can be alleviated. These conditions can cause behavioural problems and/or prevent children from realizing their full potential. Play therapists, preschool teachers and other child development pros may use the squishy, pliable and poundable nature of Smart Doh to help kids with anger issues, behaviour disorders or other problems to relieve stress, problem‐solve and act out anger. Whether you are wondering why your child’s therapist or teacher is asking her to pound or mould Smart Doh, or you are thinking about using this strategy at home, this is a creative therapeutic technique that is fairly simple to employ.

Smart Doh can also help redirect or distract a child who is exhibiting troublesome behaviour or is having difficulty dealing with a specific situation. For example, if your toddler won’t stop throwing toys out of the toy box during a temper tantrum, giving him a mound of Smart Doh to play with can redirect this destructive energy. Squeezing, kneading or manipulating Smart Doh is also a technique that some pros may use to help redirect more serious issues. One of the most basic therapeutic uses for Smart Doh is pounding it to release aggression. This simple activity can help an out of control or angry child to self‐regulate and release powerful feelings. This is particularly helpful in the early childhood educational environment, where toddlers and preschool‐aged kids don’t always have the emotional abilities to identify and appropriately express feelings such as anger, frustration or sadness. In these cases, the teacher may give the child a mound of Smart Doh and have him pound or mash it until he feels less emotional.

Use Smart Doh to release your child’s creativity through imaginative play, allowing them to inhabit endless imaginary worlds whilst exploring vast numbers of colours and textures. Put a smile on your child’s face with Smart Doh.