Care and Safety

Smart Doh Care and Safety

  • Safety Info​: Smart Doh conforms to British and European Toy Safety Standards (BS EN71) and bears the CE marking. Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Small parts can cause choking. Use under adult supervision. This product is not intended for consumption by humans or animals due to high salt content and can be harmful to pets if ingested.

  • Notice To Parents: allergy information, CONTAINS WHEAT. As with all toys, adult supervision is important.
  • Stain Advisement: product contains colours which may stain. Do not rub wet dough into carpet or fabric. Gently remove loose pieces, allow to dry and vacuum.
  • Storage: Smart Doh remains soft, smooth and non‐crumbly for a long time when properly stored. The dough comes packaged in a clear airtight plastic container​. ​To preserve and prevent drying out, Smart Doh should be stored in an airtight container, kept clean and free from contamination. It will last approximately 6 months. Smart Doh may develop a salt crust – just give it a good knead with damp hands and it should come back to life, or add a few drops of oil and knead