Aroma Therapy

Aroma Therapy with Smart Doh


The benefits of essential oils are well researched and put to good use in the form of our Aroma Smart Doh. As the oils are inhaled and absorbed into the skin through handling the Doh, their many positive effects can be appreciated. Aroma Smart Doh can be used in a preventative way, to help keep ailments and negative behaviour at bay, but it can also be extremely effective at dealing with emotional and stress‐related problems.

Smart Doh specialise in the production of Aroma Smart Doh. Each product has been carefully made to delight the user, with the finest essential oils to infuse your child’s playtime with beautiful scents and indulge them with a fabulous sensual play experience. Our deliciously wonderful smelling Smart Doh is made with high quality, ORGANIC, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade ® essential oils which are the safest, purest, and most beneficial essential oils available. This fantastic collection of Smart Doh contains silky smooth doughs that are enriched with the most divine sensual smell, designed to react to the heat of your child’s hands and to be absorbed through the skin whilst handling. They are a fantastic resource which allow both adults and children to focus and relax through play and create a level of calm. They will liven or soothe your child with the release of aromatherapy oils into the air that will be vaporized and inhaled as they play.

So why not learn, relax and allow your senses the chance to explore, whilst breathing in the delightful aroma of Aroma Smart Doh.

This collection of Smart Doh is a fantastic fun way to express imaginative play. The bright colours and smell make this both visually and aromatically appealing. Choose from the products below:

calmCalm – Purple Aroma Smart Doh enriched with organic Lavender essential oil, to help with quiet, restful play and encourage peaceful sleep. Smells wonderfully relaxing.

happyHappy – A bright yellow Aroma Smart Doh with a refreshing scent. Enriched with Lemon essential oil to uplift your mood and help children focus and concentrate.

cheerfulCheerful — A grass‐green Aroma Smart Doh enriched with Lime essential oils to help uplift and banish grumpiness.

alertAlert – A beautiful blue Aroma Smart Doh enriched with peppermint essential oil. A Stimulating and refreshing dough.

activeActive — A bright red Aroma Smart Doh containing organic Grapefruit essential oil to help improve concentration and focus. Our most popular Aroma Smart Doh, simply because it smells too good!